52-Year-Old Chuando Tan Looks 30 Years Younger Thanks To His Diet

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Staying young is inspired by everyone, but achieved only by a few. Aging is, unfortunately, as inevitable as the rising of the sun. Some people achieve the marvelous feat of looking younger than they are.

Being concerned about age as we all are, we try many different ways to keep looking younger. Let’s face it that most of these methods turn out to be ineffective.

One primary reason behind aging is the accumulation of toxins in our body because of our lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.

The world was recently taken aback by the appearance of Chuando Tan, a 52-year-old man who has successfully won this race of aging.

There’s very little doubt that the resident of Singapore, Chuando Tan is indeed a heartthrob for many, even after having lived more than half a century. The secret of his appearance hides in his food habits and certain other things that he is doing dedicatedly.

Looks is not all that Chuando has. He’s very talented even otherwise. For a while, after starting in the 1980s, he had actively pursued a career as a pop singer. Plus, he also had a knack for photography and was passionately indulged in the act.

Before making a shift toward photography and singing, Chuando used to work as a model.

Being a photographer, Chuando was in the habit of regularly posting portraits of other models. Suddenly one day, he decided to post a picture of himself and the internet just went crazy about that one. People assumed that his physique was due to the environment he lives in or maybe due to some surgery and stuff. Not many people thought that it could be because of what he ate.

How a Man That Looks 20 at 50 Lives and What His Diet Is Like

Eating healthy is Chuando’s greatest secret behind his handsome looks. Every day for breakfast, he takes six eggs. Plus, he’s used to drinking milk along with avocados. During the rest of the day, a significant chunk of his diet consists of chicken meat. To complement his eating habit, Chuando ensures proper sleep for himself and keeps himself adequately hydrated. He does not indulge in drinking any alcohol or substance abuse.

He eats 6 eggs for breakfast.

As you may have guessed, eating healthy isn’t good enough. You need other healthy habits to go with that. Regular exercise is among those habits. Chuando works-out for approximately an hour and a half, at least three to four times a week. Moreover, he regularly goes for swimming sessions.

He spends about 90 minutes on exercise per day.

Chuando has taken not only care of his physique but also his skin. He has pretty sensitive skin and, therefore, he has to use different effective moisturizing agents. Furthermore, he takes his dinner early and on time.

What lifestyle do you stick to? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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