Ever Wondered Why Adolf Hitler Forced Women To Give Birth To Babies For Him?

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“In 1936, Nazi supporter and school graduate Hildegard Trutz was recruited as one of Germany’s racially ‘pure’ women, chosen to sleep with SS officers in the hope of producing an Aryan child.” A secret plan was implemented during the 1930’s in the Nazi Army, which intended to give birth to blue eyed, blonde haired children which basically was the Aryan Master Race.

The task of breeding and producing the new German Reich was assigned to the ‘Elite Germans ‘. Heinrich Himmler, the SS army head, was the main brain behind this and he called the campaign Lebensborn. Himmler was quoted, “If we succeed in establishing this Nordic race and from this seed bed produce a race of 200 million, then the world will belong to us.”

In And Out Affairs

The members of the most aggressive army unit in Germany- the SS were ordered to have affairs in and out of their marriages by the SS chief. Himmler announced this mission by proclaiming “My men tell me with shining eyes that they [women] have just had an illegitimate child.”

The Goal Of The Program

Many reasons contributed to the rise of this program. The early 1900’s saw a shortage of men, a decline in Germany’s birth rate, poor economic conditions after the World War I on November 11, 1918, and the increase in abortion numbers among the Germany women. In order to create a superior Aryan master race and to escalate Germany’s birth rate, The Lebensborn Program was launched.

Home and Conditions

In order to receive all the luxuries and financial support, pregnant women were supposed to prove that their children belong to Aryan lineage. Alternatively, they could leave their child at Lebensborn homes where they were taken care of and given the best Nazi education.

The Unusual Tale

In a span of 12 years of the Third Reich, 20,000 such babies were born as per the records from Germany and Norway. Although the tale that was carried through the crowd made the women believe that she is giving birth for Hitler.

Footnotes by Giles Milton

In 1933, during the Hitlers rule, a Loyal Nazi supporter Hildegard Trutz joined hands with female group Bund Deutscher Madel, sometimes referred as lady Hitler group.
Fame Led To Being Head Of The Group

Hildegard Trutz became the perfect example of Nordic women as she possessed long legs and a long truck, had the broad hips and pelvis built for child-bearing.

Life Changing 1936

After her schooling, Hildegard searched for her pursuit and ended up speaking to BDM leader, who advised her to Fuhrer a child.

The Program

The BDM leader explained the rules of renouncing her child and choosing one sleeping partner. After the birth of the child, it was taken to the Lebensborn home to make him royal Nazi.

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