Chuck Norris is suing 11 drug companies after he claims they poisoned his wife.

Norris has filed lawsuits to no less than 11 drug companies after the treatment he says his wife received left her close to death.
His wife Gena had gone in for routine MRI scans, but the dye that was used to make her scans ‘clearer’ poisoned her with devastating results.
Norris claims that his wife has suffered years of problems stemming from the gadolinium which is in the dyes, made by several companies including GBMCA manufacturers ACIST Medical Systems inc., Bracco S.p.A., and McKesson Corporation.
The Daily Mail has reported that Gena received three MRI scans in one week ‘several’ years ago, and has since experienced permanent weakness, exhaustion, bouts of pain, cognitive issues and a burning feeling which she attributes to the chemical gadolinium which is in the dye.
Because of the damage done to Gena, she has had to undergo stem cell therapy to help her with the problems that she has with her nervous system, which has also set them back $2 million in medical fees.
Gadolinium is a heavy metal, and while the health professionals say that it is safe to be injected into the blood stream, there are fears that the metal stays in the blood for years afterwards, and this is what causes the problems.
Gena’s condition is known as Gadolinium Deposition Disease and is a rare side effect of being injected with gadolinium.
Gena said:  
“Unfortunately, litigation is the only course of action we can take to hold the drug companies accountable for threatening the lives of so many innocent people who undergo MRIs.
‘These companies continue to say that there is no link between gadolinium and adverse events, even though the evidence is overwhelming that this heavy metal stays in the body for years, rather than hours.'”

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