Saying "I love you" has lost some meaning. While saying those three words can still be really hard when you're saying them to that special person the first few times, they're also words that get tossed around pretty casually. We "love" this and that and we feel like we have to tell people that we love them as if it's the right thing to do even if we don't necessarily mean it. When you hear the same thing over and over again, it starts to not mean as much to you, and soon we can start hearing the insincerity in the words. Saying "I love you" is still a big thing and a huge step for a lot of people but there are many other ways you can say I love you that have more meaning.
Here are 12 ways to say "I love you" that carry more meaning in them.
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1. I forgive your past.
This is such an important thing in a relationship. To move forward in a relationship, you have to not only love a person despite their past, but you also have to forgive that past. We are not the same people we were a year ago and you can't hold a grudge against the decisions someone made before you even knew them.
2. I want you to succeed.
This is hoping they do well in life on their own and by their own strength. Not enough people in this world want others to succeed, so knowing the person you love wants this for you means more than anything.
3. I appreciate you.
Just picture someone telling you they appreciate you. How can you not feel great after hearing that? Telling someone you appreciate them means you value them as a person and friend and partner.
4. Thank you.
When you love someone, you do things for them without expecting anything in return...and that can include a thank you. That's why it's so important to say it. It doesn't even have to be directed at something they've done. It can simply be thanking them for being them and for being a part of your life.
5. Be safe.
Telling someone to stay safe or drive careful is more than just a fly away comment. Your love should not stop when your partner is away from you. When you tell them to be safe when they aren't with you, it shows that you care about their well being.
6. I respect you.
There's not enough respect in the world to begin with...and loving someone doesn't necessarily mean you respect them. Respecting your partner means you also recognize them as an independent person outside of the relationship.
7. I choose you.
Your partner is not an option. They are not someone you go to when everything else doesn't work out for you. Telling your partner that you choose them is saying, above all else, they're the one you want.
8. You're my best friend.
Getting to say you're in love with the person you're dating AND they are your  best friend is almost too good to be true. But they won't know it if you don't tell them.
9. Let's do this together.
When you are in a relationship, you become a part of a team. That means working together to make your relationship stronger and better and pushing through life together.
10. I missed you.
Just because you know you're going to see them again soon doesn't mean you can't miss them. I bet they would love to hear you tell them you missed them.
11. I'm glad I met you.
Where you are right now wouldn't be possible if you hadn't met your partner. Saying you're glad you met them means that despite the lows you might have experienced, you still love them and you wouldn't change what you have.
12. You're my soulmate.
Maybe you believe in having more than one soulmate, or maybe you know there is only one other person out there that fits in the space next to your heart. Whatever it is, telling someone they are your soulmate means it's you and them forever and that you are meant to be together.
How do you say I love you? Tell us in the comments!

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