Some of the most amazing people out there suffer from the most difficult struggles. Often times it is the intense tributes that make a person so strong in the end! This is something that people who suffer from anxiety and too much kindness can certainly relate to!
We are taught from a young age to be kind to one another. We are almost instantly taught the golden rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s a great rule, and everyone should practice this. However, there is a such thing as being too kind. Some people are obsessively kind to other people, making it difficult to even relax and be themselves. This is something that people with anxiety can really relate to.
Anxiety is a difficult thing to explain and it can be super hard to even identify. Some people are so anxious they don’t even realize that it’s anxiety that’s had such a toll on their overall happiness. People with anxiety have a deep loving concern and they are genuinely interested in the way other people feel. Sometimes they are a bit too interested in it. People who are very kind and suffer from anxiety might even form a bad habit of people pleasing without even realizing it! Are you took kind and too anxious at the same time? You’re not alone. Even I, myself, am guilty of being very anxious but also very kind. Sometimes too kind, and I often shove myself aside to please other people without even realizing it. Don’t let this happen to you for being kind.
You might know someone like this also. When being friends with someone who is anxious and too kind, it can make you feel kind of weird. It might make you feel almost guilty in a sense because they are so concerned with your happiness. However, don’t let it weird you out. You just have to know these 21 things about this type of person to understand them.
1.They don’t mind to apologize and take the blame. These people are not finger pointers. They aren’t afraid to own up to their own mistakes and they even take on other people’s from time to time, just to make things easier.
2.They’re constantly worried you don’t like them, or that they’re annoying you.
3.They’re both a lover and a fighter. These sweet souls aren’t exactly afraid to stand up for what they believe in.
4.They constantly worry. Worrying is one of the worst parts of being like this because it literally never ends. It can be extremely hard to get a grasp on your worrisome attitude.
5.They’d rather give than receive.
6.They forgive people way too often and easily. Sometimes they suffer from forgiving the wrong person over and over again and they end up being taken advantage of for it. Step in if you think this is happening to someone you care for. They might need the help.
7.They never play power games in a relationship. Sometimes, a relationship can constantly fluctuate between who is dominant and who is submissive. However, anxious kind people will almost instantly take the lower half so you can enjoy the higher.
8.Their emotions are hard to move on from.
9.They are sometimes over-apologetic. They just want everyone to be happy and content, thus, they might become overly apologetic – especially if they actually were at fault.
10.They go far out of their way not to hurt people. These are some of the most genuinely caring people you’d ever meet. They will go miles out of the way to avoid hurting someone even in the slightest way.
11.They will help you in any way they can. They’re always looking to give advice and guide you through a hard time.
12.They over prepare for tragedies. Any type of tragedy can have a demolishing effect on this person. They might have a much harder time moving on from them than a normal person would.
13.They use paranoia to protect themselves. They don’t want anything bad to be happening behind their back, but they almost expect it to avoid getting hurt.
14.They do not use guilt trips to their advantage. Anxious people are not ever going to make someone feel bad for something. They’ll almost never try to guilt trip anyone, especially to get something they want.
15.They overanalyze everything. They are extremely tedious when it comes to figuring something out. If they are suspicious about something it might take more to convince them it’s really not happening. It’s a defense mechanism.
16.They’re petrified of being hurt again.
17.They love forever and unconditionally. If this type of person tells you they love and care about you, you’d better believe it.
18. They aren’t afraid to cut a bad person out of their life. If you prove to them that you are unhealthy for them they will do something about it. They might be too easily forgiving, but they know how to prevent themselves from making that mistake again – and that’s completely ridding them from their life.
19. They Fear Rejection all the time, no matter the circumstances.
20. They typically feel isolated, even if they have several close friends.
21. They will never talk about their own problems. If you care about one of these people, take the time to really ask them about their days. You’ll see they actually have a lot to say.

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