Penguins. When you don’t think that they have anything new to surprise you, there they are flapping their bony wings against one another… over a cheating wife.
If you thought that fighting over a cheating wife is only what some men resort to (that is humans), then you should definitely see what happens to this penguin couple when the intruder comes in between.
It’s a fact that penguins mate for life, except for some species, but did you know that some penguins can be double-timing cheaters? National Geographic has caught one penguin wife on camera… and so did her husband.
The let-down husband, however, tries to save his family from the intruder. Unfortunately, it’s the wife who chose the new guy, and she won’t change her mind.
The question is: is the new penguin the intruder, or did the wife start having second thoughts?
Watch to see what happens:

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