If you think that the bullies at school or that weird group of guys down at the bar are tough, then you need to think again.
There are gangs out there so nasty you won’t believe. Rabbles of criminals so entrenched in violence, intimidation and murder that they’d send shivers down your spine just glimpsing them. We’ve got a rundown of the top ten here from the guys over at AllTime10s and each and every one of these gangs are off the scale crazy…
We’ve got US-based groups like the Crips and the Bloods… There are prison gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood, Japanese Yakuza off-shoots and, of course, insane Central American gangs that are affiliated with the drugs trade. These aren’t dudes to mess with. In fact, they’re not even dudes you want to glance at or even be within a ten mile radius of. Seriously.
Check all the top ten most dangerous gangs from across the world:

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