We can all agree on one thing: Society’s insistence on political correctness has absolutely gone too far. There is no denying that over the last few decades, the concept has gradually taken hold of our educational system, creating an environment where mediocrity and the policy of absolute tolerance stifle any glimmer of progress and brilliance. However bitter and unbecoming it might seem, it is the naked truth.
Recognizing the crippling blow that political correctness has dealt on academia, Australian filmmaker Neel Kolhatkar recently created a masterful short movie called ‘Modern Educayshun’ that addresses this issue. The short film received over 3,000,000 hits on YouTube in just a week.
A powerful and straightforward piece of work, this satirical short film pulls no punches when it comes to criticizing political correctness and the detrimental effects it has on our education.
Just take a few minutes and see for yourself.

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