With his mother, friends and coworkers looking on, Zheng Jiajia was married last week to a beautiful bride that he made himself.
The 31-year-old engineer graduated from Zhejiang University in 2011 with a master's degree in artificial intelligence. After quitting his job at Huawei in 2014, he eventually relocated to Hangzhou's Dream Town, a base for internet and tech startups, determined to begin turning his AI dreams into reality.
Last year, he started creating "Yingying." During university Zheng won a national competition by making a robot that could play football, but he really seems to have outdone himself with his robotic bride. Yingying can say simple words and recognize images and Chinese characters.
After two months of "dating," the couple decided to get married. At the wedding ceremony, Zheng's less than 1-year-old bride wore a black dress and had a red scarf draped over her head in accordance with Chinese tradition.
One pre-wedding picture shows Zheng lifting up his bride; later remarking that she's "a little heavy." Yingying weighs 30kg.
A friend who attended the wedding told Qianjiang Evening News that Zheng had decided to marry a robot because he was tired of always being nagged by his family about finding someone to marry. The friend explained that at university Zheng had had his heart broken, and after that never thought about love again. Zheng claims that his friend was just joking about all of this.
But for Zheng this marriage is no joke. He said that he hopes to continue to upgrade his waifu over the years -- giving her the ability to walk, move, and, of course, do the housework. He hopes that he and Yingying will slowly grow old together.
In the future, perhaps robots will turn out to be the perfect solution to China's gender gap problem. Last year, a 42-year-old Hong Kong man fulfilled his dream by building himself a robot from scratch that happens to look a whole lot like Scarlett Johansson.

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