Recently the USFDA announced changes it will be making to the nutrition facts label on food products across the US.  The proposed change will see companies make the shift by July 26, 2018 (smaller companies have until 2019) but some wonder if the changes actually address the needs of the consumers.
Point is that information speaks volumes and knowing what you eat is one key to healthy living.  A huge key.  Though the FDA plans to make some much needed changes, like adding a "declaration of grams and a percent daily value (%DV) for 'added sugars,'" it falls short in some areas.
This is when Sam Slover began working on and developing the Sage Project, an interactive web app that delivers large amounts of much needed information on the food you buy.  It looks like this
In the above image, it shows how many calories and how long it would take to burn off the Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bar, information that you won't see on the back of the package.

“We want to unlock data and give it back to people in ways that are actionable,” says Slover.
One issue is that the FDA’s label itemizes ingredients in descending order of weight.  This is a problem, say most dieticians.  Knowing what items are in your food is different from knowing what those items are and where they originate.  This is extremely important information that is missing from the labels.
Sage addresses this issue by breaking it all down into infographics like this
You can continue to scroll down the page to get even more info - nutrients and explanations of what they are and how long it would take to burn the calories from that piece of food.

This is exciting because relying on the government to solve crisis is a backup plan.  One of the founding premises of the United States is that individual business people can make huge, sweeping sociological changes.  Most of our great innovation comes from the private sector.

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