Amish people have virtually cancer-free communities, a recent study from the journal Cancer Causes and Control reports, and can be considered the healthiest people in America.
Ohio State University researchers looked at Amish cancer rates, suspecting that the lack of conventional medical care in Amish communities would result in higher cancer rates. Instead, however, they found much lower rates.
Researches found the following in looking at their lifestyle choices and diet, according to Natural News:
  • Most Amish people do not smoke or drink, nor are they typically sexually promiscuous.
  • Amish lifestyles require high levels of physical labor. As most Amish working farming, construction, or other physically active production jobs, they have to stay in shape while producing crops, building furniture, or crafting other goods, all of which contribute to excellent health.
  • Amish people grown and raise all their own food according to time-tested organic methods, which result in far healthier foods than most Americans eat. Eating healthier food results in improved health.
All of these factors contribute to the far greater health in Amish populations. Committing themselves to simple, productive lives, and local, clean food benefits the Amish in ways the rest of us might only dream about. We could all make some improvements based on what the Amish have to teach us.

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