An unknown prankster tampered with the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve, changing the text so that it read “Hollyweed” instead.

The prankster did so by throwing tarps over the two “O’s” on the sign late at night on New Year’s Eve. One bystander described the prank as “pretty cool.”

Police don’t suspect the tampering had more malicious intent than a simple New Year’s prank, but are still investigating the incident for misdemeanor trespassing, likely to discourage other pranksters. The man was recorded on security cameras, but at this time has not been caught.

The prank is likely a celebration of Proposition 64, which passed in California last November and will legalize recreational marijuana use when it takes effect in 2018.
This same prank was also pulled in 1976 after state law passed which relaxed the penalties for marijuana offenses.

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