Tensions in Mexico are currently escalating due to failing neoliberal reforms to the country’s formerly nationalized gas sector. This issue has been surrounded by open corruption, decreasing standards of living, and increasing ination, due to this protests are rising throughout the nation.

As per the usual, the U.S mainstream media has ignored the issue for the most part. While the media has remained silent, tensions have continued to rise, and have even made their way to the U.S-Mexico border in San Diego, California.

The continuing “gasolinazo” protests in Mexico due to a 20 percent increase in gas prices have resulted in over 400 arrests, 250 looted stores, and sadly six deaths. In the protests, roads have been blocked, borders are closed, and government buildings sacked. For the most part the protests have remained peaceful, outside of a few incidents in which protesters state the government is to blame.

While a few media outlets have reported on the events, they fail to explain anything past the rising gas prices. The ‘Narco-State’ has quite a bit to do with the current events in Mexico. ‘Narco-State’ is a term used to describe the corruption taking place between the Mexican government and drug cartels. Just recently, the corruption has made the headlines due to 43 Ayotzinapa students being kidnapped. The kidnappings are still unsolved, however, members of the Guerrero Unidos drug cartel have admitted to cooperating with local police forces to silence activists.

Other issues surround the controversy as well, including neo-liberal policies which have left the working class behind, as well as rising inflation.

Out of control inflation could perhaps be the center of the entire confliict. Workers have been stretched to no end due to their minimum wage equating to around four U.S dollars per day. As food prices skyrocket, along with gas and other increases, living standards are deteriorating.

Of course, there is no one factor that is to blame for the extreme levels of civil unrest in Mexico. Even before the kidnapping, Mexico was already consumed with protests, marches, and strikes that have been taking place throughout the nation. The current administration has a 22% approval rating, and a general feeling of disappointment faces most of the populace. Sadly, all of these events can only mean one thing: a looming revolution. And whether it takes place now, or soon into the future, it’s going to happen.

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