Many of us have felt it over the years, there is no point hiding it, denying it or closeting it because there are skeptics and doubters out there. This isn’t an attack on anyone at all, it’s simply a call to stand in your truth your knowing and your own intuitive understanding. There is no need to hide what you feel strongly within yourself, we don’t need to hide who we are to please others.
If you feel you are here to help create change in this world at this time, if it is a deep calling your you, act on it! Live it, be it! No matter what anyone else says, it’s time to let your true self shine through and be who the world is asking you to be.
There is a shift in consciousness taking place. As time goes on, this only becomes more obvious and more people start to realize they can be who they are. Yes, there still might be trailblazers needing to lead the way, but things are only leading further and further into the direction of bringing spirit back into balance with our mind and physical body in this experience we call life.
Embrace it!
Watch the video below:

Attention Indigo, crystal, and rainbow children of the world. Greetings from anonymous. We are contacting you today as there are those who say you and those like you are here to usher in the new era. An era of peace and enlightenment. It has been said you are here to challenge the tyranny that has so long plagued our world. To rise up against injustice and make way for a new, harmonious world.
However, the planet seems to be going in the other direction. Corporations have corrupted nearly every government in the world. Our politicians our controlled by money. The people who are sworn to protect us are now beating and killing us. Greed and indifference are glorified while generosity and tolerance are mocked.
The media are nothing more than pawns in a world where our fundamental right to knowledge and expression are being censored. Children are starving in the streets. The elderly are homeless, cold and hungry. Things are only going to get worse.

the time for talking is over. It is time for action. No longer can we turn a blind eye to uncensored greed and corruption. No longer can we afford the luxury of not paying attention to the world around us. Our futures, and our children futures depend on it. We must act now. We must take to the streets, we must take to the internet. We must let the powers at be know that this is our world and will will not sit idly by as they enslave and destroy it.

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