As you may have noticed tiny homes have become increasingly popular lately. These houses are a way for people to live off the grid in a minimalist environment.

This is something the government is not going to allow, because off the grid living means they’re losing money. While this sort of thing should not be an issue it is. These tiny homes are being banned in some places and in others being forced to be connected to the utility grid.

At the moment these tiny homes are banned in Etowah, TN and Wasilla, AK.Homes there are not allowed to be any smaller than 600 square foot. Banning these tiny homes is going to act as a big government stomp on the people who wish to reduce their environmental impact. People who don’t hook up to the grid are considered outlaws.

Imposing mandatory square footage requirements seems a little extreme. We can only hope that in time these tiny homes will become accepting everywhere. They really are quite amazing. There are lots of great things that can be done with a tiny home.

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