Society promotes unrealistic standards of beauty. These 'before and after' images of photoshopped celebs are proof of this.
The next time you feel bad about your physical appearance, click back to this page. As you’ll view below, the majority of photos utilized by the media have been heavily photoshopped.

That’s right, the cellulite-free thighs, flawless skin, huge busts, tiny waists, and other difficult-to-attain features celebrities often sport are pretty much always a lie. Unfortunately, that’s the industry nowadays.
The issue is, the incessant promotion of unrealistic beauty standards affects everyone. Perhaps if more people knew how models and celebrities looked before their images were retouched, they’d have higher self-esteem and spend less time comparing themselves to others.
Following are 20 ‘Before & After’ photos of celebrities you need to see:

#1 Candice Huffine
#2 Kim Cattrall
#3 Justin Bieber
#4 Madonna
#5 Cindy Crawford
#6 Britney Spears
#7 Fergie
#8 Beyonce
#9 Madonna
#10 Lindsay Lohan

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