If you’ve ever had to endure the hardship that comes with a long distance relationship, you know just how difficult it can truly be sometimes. Even with endless ways to communicate with each other from around the globe, nothing will ever be able to beat actually being with your favorite person.
One thing that’s missing from text messages, emails, video chats, and phone calls, is any ability to let you “feel” the other person.
A problem that is solved entirely by these fantastic new rings. Coming in pairs, so you and your partner can both have one, ‘HB rings’ are connected to one another via data or Wi-Fi. And what makes them so special is that they let you feel your partner’s heartbeat in real time, regardless of where you are, as if your hand were resting in theirs.
As someone who loves the simple comfort of feeling his partner’s heartbeat, these rings can put even the most troubled minds at rest.
Not only are they stylish, coming in stainless steel and rose gold colors, but they’re incredibly easy to use and come standard with a unibody sapphire crystal surface that is unscratchable. Once you and your partner have your rings, simply install the smartphone app, make sure you both have data or Wi-Fi, and then tap your ring to connect the two rings together.
And there you have it! You and your partner can now feel each other’s heartbeat in real time no matter where you are. How romantic is that?

Learn more about HB Rings (and pre-order your own) by visiting these sites:

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