Why fat girls shouldn't wear bikinis

Meet Loey, the college student, animal lover and plus-size YouTube blogger, who frequently posts confident pictures of herself in her favourite bikinis, decided that her next video would be a response to people who share less favourable comments about larger girls wearing bikinis.

The 22 year-old beauty blogger underlined that many comments she gets on her account are admiring and supportive, but there are always some critics that are so cruel.

Entitled “Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis,” the Beautiful Loey responded to the people who share less favourable comments about fat girls with bikinis. the youtube video was so amazing that it's gone viral, with over three millions views. In the 4-minute film, she listed the apparently  reasons  why fat girls shouldn’t wear bikinis.
  1. Bikinis don’t look good on bigger girls.
  2. It makes people uncomfortable.
  3. It promotes obesity.
  4. Big women who wear bikinis are asking for ‘feedback’.
Watch Loey Lane’s video and let us know your thoughts.

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