We are surrounded by water, infect 70% of earth is water. Now the good part is we can swim, drink or enjoy in it as much as we can, however there are some lakes/rivers that are deadly. Swimming in some can kill us!
1. The Devil’s Swimming Pool, Victoria Falls
You love swimming great, but on the top of a waterfall that too with 360 ft drop? Devil’s swimming pool is located near the edge of the falls on Livingstone Island on the Zambian side. Swimmers go their just for adventure, dangling to the edge and taking pictures. Only possibility of swimming there is during September to December, because on any other month chances of tipping over the edge or slipping down the fall are quite high.

2. Jacob’s Well, Texas
Jacob’s Well, Texas – Water Bodies That Want You Dead
Jacob’s Well is a perennial karstic spring in the Texas. Jacob’s well has a depth of 120 feet, it has been known as the most dangerous spot to swim on the planet. This well has numerous chambers that have trapped and killed many divers.

3. Boiling Lake, Dominica, Caribbean
The Boiling Lake – Water Bodies That Want You Dead
Not a good place to swim and cool off, Boiling Lake is filled with bubbling greyish-blue water. In the center water reaches nearly 200°C. Any one jumping in it will come meet their end in an unpleasant way.

4. Rio Tinto, Spain
Rio Tinto Spain – Water Bodies That Want You Dead
Río Tinto is notable for being very acidic (pH 2) and its deep reddish hue is due to iron dissolved in the water. As acidic as stomach acid, it can easily dissolve any fish that swims it and similar might happen to humans. It looks beautiful but the red color is alarming and you wouldn’t want to dive into it.

5. Yellow Water, Kakadu
Yellow Water, Kakadu – Water Bodies That Want You Dead
Yellow Water is famous tourist spot, it offers spectacular scenery. But the water is filled with saltwater crocodiles. You can see them soaking in sun, but many of them lay still in water just to catch a prey. You can jump in the water and swim but chances of coming out in single piece are very slim.

6. Nyiragongo Crater, Lava Lake
Nyiragongo Crater, Lava Lake – Water Bodies That Want You Dead
It is world’s largest permanent lava lake. Heat can be felt from hundreds of yards. One dive in it and even your skeleton wouldn’t be recovered. It looks dangerous and beautiful at the same time.

7. Amzon Basin
Amzon Basin -Water Bodies That Want You Dead
As if piranhas, electric eels and caimans weren’t enough, amazon basin is also home of Toothpick Fish (Candiru) . This little fish has a notorious habit of getting inside human body through urinal parts or any opening.

8. Queensland Australia
Queensland Australia- Water Bodies That Want You Dead
Boxx Jellyfish is one of most venomous creatures in the world. It can grow up to 10 feet and is the cause of closing any beaches. These creatures kill 100-200 people every year, so if you are planning to swim in Queensland beaches, make sure to buy a full body swimsuit that is specially made to protect against stings of Jelly fish.  

9. River Nile, Egypt
River Nile, EgyptWater Bodies That Want You Dead
Nile is muddy and can camouflage crocodiles that lay for hours into the water waiting for its prey. These crocodiles kill hundreds of people every year since it’s a home for over 5,00,000 crocodiles. Watch the beauty of the river from the boat, don’t bother diving into it if you love your life.

10. Tualatin River, Oregon, USA
Tualatin River, Oregon, USAWater Bodies That Want You Dead
This river is full of blue-green algae, that looks beautiful turquoise water, but infect very deadly. It kills almost a dozen pups & dogs every year. Its not a place to swim and cool off, because swallowing the stuff can cause sickness and diarrhea at best, paralysis and death at worst.

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