1 Shot Through The Heart 
Why someone would want to appear as though they've been shot several times in the chest is a mystery to us, but you've got to admit, those bullet holes sure are realistic!

2 Burst Buttons 
This hyper-realistic tattoo contains both incredible realism and a sense of humor - This guy's buttons are now permanently undone! What would happen if he lost most of that belly fat though?

3 Anybody Home?
 This truly is amazing! Don't you just want to reach out and touch that door? The use of shadows really helps to create that realistic, 3D effect.

4 Operation Time 
This hyper-realistic tattoo is quite gross to look at, but the skill and realistic detail has to be admired. Spooky!
5 Got a Pen?
 That's right, this pen is simply a tattoo! It looks extremely realistic though. We guess this man often has people asking him if they can borrow his pen...
6 Eye See You One word? 
Freaky! The hyper-realism of this tattoo makes you have to look twice...or three times.. And then quickly look away.

7 Minor Adjustments 
This tattoo certainly demands attention! Props to the tattoo artist for making it so incredibly realistic. From the zip to the spine and the man - a lot of effort has gone into this tattoo.

8 Creepy Crawly
 Imagine the reactions of strangers when they see this woman's tattoo. We can imagine she receives a lot of frightened looks and shrieks!
9 Terminator Man or machine? 
We love this realistic Terminator-inspired tattoo.

10 Zip It 
Freaky, but a cool concept! We love the realistic detail of this zipper tattoo.

11 Statue Ink 
How amazing does this statuesque tattoo look? We love the hyper-realistic carved detail!

12 Hooked 
Ouch! Before you worry too much about this hook in the foot, just remember, it's only a hyper-realistic tattoo!
Hyper-Realistic Tattoos

13 Nailed It 
This person decided to "nail it" when they got tattooed - quite literally! Lucky it's just a tattoo, because it certainly looks painful
Hyper-Realistic Tattoos

14 Spiderman Can! 
Wow! It seems like this Spiderman fan went a step further than most. This looks super realistic!

15 Spinal 
Obviously an anatomy fan, this person thought they'd show everyone how their spinal cord looks!

16 Metal Fan
 There is a common theme amongst hyper-realistic tattoos of man vs machine, and this is the perfect example!
Hyper-Realistic Tattoos

17 Revealed
 We love this tattoo, not only for the meaningful words, but the cracked and peeling paint effect surrounding the star
Hyper-Realistic Tattoos

18 Monster
 It seems as though there is a monster inside of this person, just waiting to be unleashed! Scary!
Hyper-Realistic Tattoos

19 Stomach Plaque 
This guy loved stone plaques so much, he decided to get one realistically 'carved' into his stomach. It almost looks as though you can poke your fingers through the crevices!
Hyper-Realistic Tattoos

20 Two Mouths? 
Yikes! This guy has two mouths, or so it seems. This tattoo is just plain crazy!
Hyper-Realistic Tattoos

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