1- Mr. Xtreme

Mr. Xtreme and his fellow superheroes in the Xtreme Justice League (a group founded by Mr. Xtreme) are committed to fighting crime in the city of San Diego and surrounding area.

Motivated by his own personal Experience ( Survivor of violent crime), Mr. Xtreme, identity unknown, Works as security guard during the day.  Each superhero in the justice League has his own individual fighting style. Mr. Xtreme’s costume is an eclectic mix, including body and pinhole goggles in a carry of 30 to 40 pounds.

2- Angle Grinder Man

Wearing a light-blue leotard, gold mask and boots, armed with a very big saw, Angle Grinder Man, the superhero of Kent operates each night helping citizens of Great Britain. Each night this superhero, with unknown identity, looks for motorists stranded by wheel clamps -- those clamps put on cars after too many parking tickets-- to liberate their vehicles.

3- Superbarrio

Marco Rascón Córdova, known also as real-life superhero Superbarrio, is an advocate for tenant rights and for the rights of families in low-income neighborhoods, as well as labor rights for Mexican workers. Superbarrio's costume, like his rhetoric, is attention grabbing: It's based on the masked hero character El Santo (the Saint) seen in old Spanish-language wrestling movies, and includes not only a red mask and leotard and yellow cape, but also a pair of gold shorts.

4- Captain Australia 

Captain Australia is a 30-something father of two who is good with animals, has a green thumb, and has been on a mission since 2009 to prevent crime in his city of Brisbane, Australia.

You'll recognize him, but probably not because he's been patrolling the streets of your neighborhood --his costume is based on "Kick-Ass" (both a comic book and a movie), with the addition of an @ symbol logo on his chest. He carries only a flashlight, a cell phone and a video camera.

5- Crimson Fist

The Crimson Fist fights Homelessness in streets of Atlanta.

When he's not working as an IT programmer, this superhero dons a white and red costume -- with a red mask to protect his identity -- and distributes items to the homeless in the Atlanta area. These items include clothing, such as shoes and cold-weather clothes, as well as food, bottled water and other objects and services that are needed in the homeless community. The Crimson Fist's outreach and supplies are self-funded.

6- Menganno

Menganno means Joe Blow in Spanish, and is the name that Argentine Oscar Lefosse uses when he patrols Buenos Aires as a costumed vigilante, wearing a full-face blue helmet and armor.

Lefosse, a 43-year-old retired police officer, was outed as Menganno in 2013 when he had a run-in with the local authorities after firing his pistol at criminals. He was charged with carrying an unlicensed gun, but the superhero says he was only returning fire to protect himself and wife as they were fired upon first. And as for the gun, Menganno says he leaves it at home while out fighting crime on the streets.

7- Petosky Batman

Mark Wayne Williams is known for patrolling the streets of Petosky, Mich. every night dressed as Batman, including the mask, cape and utility belt.
Despite his best efforts to keep the streets safe, the Petoskey Batman may be better known for his own run-ins with the law than with those who are breaking it. Williams has been arrested several times, including once after police were dispatched to rescue a man dressed as Batman dangling from the roof of a building.

8- Master Legend

Master Legend is a superhero who wears a silver cape and a mask to protect his identity, and patrols the streets of Orlando, Fla., with his superhero friends, the Justice Crusaders. But he hasn't always been Master Legend, although he knew from when he was a kid that he was special. It was in the second grade when he fashioned his first superhero mask for his alter-ego Captain Midnight, protector from the school bully.
Today, Master Legend helps to keep the streets of Orlando safe and advocates for the city's homeless, elderly and low-income families

9- Lion Heart

Lion Heart is a mask-wearing superhero in the West African country of Liberia.
Moved by the disease and death he saw ravaging his country, Lion Heart is an advocate for clean drinking water in his nation. He is an outreach worker and educator, spreading knowledge about the dangers of drinking unclean water -- including diarrhea and water-borne diseases like dysentery and cholera.

10- Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones, along with other superheroes in the Rain City Superhero Movement, fights crime -- and calls 911 a lot -- on the streets of Seattle. This Seattle super squad, a group of crime fighters whose members include characters such as Green Reaper, No Name, and Catastrophe, patrol every night, and among them carry batons, pepper spray and tasers -- plus cell phones.

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