The fastest animals on Earth are: cheetah

Here’s a the list of the most super-fast critters on the planet

Fastest Fish

Sail fish  68mph (110 kph)
Marlin 50mph (8okph)
Wahoo 48mph (78kph)
Tunny 46mph (74kph)
Bluefish tuna 44mph  (70kph)

Fastest Land Insects

Tiger beetle 5.6mph (8.4kph)
Cockroach  3-4mph (5-4kph)

Fastest Birds

Peregrine falcon 200 mph (322kph)
Spine-tailed swift 106mph (171kph)
Frigatebird 95mph (153kph)
Spur-winged goose 88mph (142.kph)
Red-breasted merganser 80mph (129kph)

Fastest Mammals

Cheetah 71mph (114kph)
Pronghorn antelope 57mph [95kph)
Springbok 50mph (80kph)
Blue wildebeest 5on1ph (80kph)
Lion 45mph (72kph)

Fastest Reptiles

Spiny-tailed iguana 21mph (34kph)
Black mamba 12mph (20kph)

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