best android apps

There are hundreds of thousands of free android apps in the Play store, to fit all desires and needs. These android apps are the ones that every user must have

1- Google Drive: Free Android App

best android apps
Not only does this office suite grant access to cloud storage but you can also create and edit Google documents and spreadsheets on your tablet and save them. PDFs and presentations can also be viewed and files can be printed. using Google Drive, you can store all your files in one place, so you can access them from anywhere and share them with others. google Drive android app will give you the ability  to access your photos, documents, videos and other files
stored on your Google Drive.

2- Evernote: Free Android App

best android apps
Evernote is the grandfather of note-taking apps, letting you make written, pictorial and audio notes that can be accessed on any webconnected device. Produce to-do lists and organise notes with tags. You can even save tweets or emails.Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use.

3- SwiftKey 3: Price £1.49/$1.99

best android apps
A very popular keyboard, SwitftKey adapts to the way you hold your tablet and it also has fantastic auto-correction and next-word prediction. By knowing what you may type next, it takes away much of the hassle of typing on a screen.

4- Dropbox: Free Android App

best android apps
It may be one of many cloud storage solutions but Dropbox is the best in terms of usability and flexibility, running across devices, enabling you to upload photos with ease and being able to open documents for reading. A must-have application.

5- twitter: Free Android App

best android apps
It was inevitable that we would include social media in the list given the amount of usage these services get. The Twitter app is robust and intuitive and it enables for quick management and sending of tweets from your tablet.

6- Facebook: Free Android App

best android apps
we could not ignore Facebook. The app works well in allowing you to view status updates and see your own page and, given that most people access Facebook via a tablet or phone these days. It is packed with lots of features.

7- Adobe Photoshop Express: Price Free

best android apps
If you want to be able to edit images with a powerful app from one of the best names around, then this freebie will be well worth the download. A more advanced app is available, Adobe Photoshop Touch, should you want to splash out.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express

8- Google Currents: Price Free

best android apps
Keep abreast of the latest news with a beautiful app that takes content from the web and repackages it in a lovely magazine style. You can pull items from lots of top-quality outlets ranging from The Guardian to Forbes and you can see breaking stories.

Download Google Currents

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