The jellyfish have a incredible power to glow in the dark, thanks to the phosphor proteins in their bodies - part of the defense mechanism that they use to frighten predators - jellyfish absorb light naturally, and emit it with an ethereal blueish glow when under darkened conditions. these amazing creatures are abundant in in our oceans, living a natural cycle of around six months. the jellyfish are most of the times killed by a form of bacteria attacking them after breeding.

the U.S. firm the Amazing Jellyfish find the ingenious way to use the naturally glowing- in- the dark power of the jellyfish to create the “Bio-luminescence jellyfish lamps”.

In fact, the U.S. firm take the  bioluminescent bodies of creatures that have died of natural causes and encase them in resin, preserving at the same time their bodies and their incredible glow-in-the-dark properties. By freezing the dead body of the jellyfish using the nitrogen liquid, which they then set in crystalline resin that can withstand working at ultra low temperatures - creating a cast of the body, which is set in an ovoid mould shaped like the resulting lamp.

No Extralight is needed, the totally preserved body of the jellyfish store up light during the day and glow softly at night, using the same proteins to glow when the jellyfish was alive .

The jellyfish used in the lamps are are breed in aquarium, which mean that they have a three times longer lifespan.

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